Text Meets Color


Dear friends,

I hope you're all well and healthy. I am, thank goodness. Havoc wreaked by the coronavirus to my supply chain here in New York City, however, has made it almost impossible to create and ship my products within the time frame I always promise, and that I know my customers need. For that reason, like the rest of New York, I’ll be pausing Goren Judaica for a month or more.

I hope to be back in May! Please do not place any orders during the month of April, as I will not be able to fulfill them. Any orders placed in April will be immediately refunded with this explanation. If you’re interested in purchasing an item later in the year, please email me and I will put it aside for you, and will contact you again when the store-re-opens (hopefully in May) to see if you're still interested in purchasing it.

Thank you, as always, for your support, patience, and kindness.

—Harriet Goren


Welcome to Goren Judaica, where hand-drawn text is combined with digital paint to create vivid, expressive tallit designs, prints, and challah covers featuring Hebrew poetry, psalms, and prayers. Designs of all sorts are also available on holiday cards, T-shirts, and baby onesies.

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Hey, a video about Judaica!

Tallit Minute: Neshama / Mayim tallit design

Third in a series of videos about the inspiration and process behind my designs. Click here to see the introductory video of this series.