Tallit: Simu Lev / Pay Heed

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Available Spring, 2018. Please contact us to be notified when ordering is open.

This design is based on the 16th century North African piyut (liturgical poem) “Odeh LaEl / Simu Lev El Haneshamah.” The poet, R. Shma’ya Kosson, reminds us that every morning offers a new chance to examine our souls and rediscover the jewels within that might have become hidden during the long night. Perhaps, like people made in God’s image, those opals and amethysts are also rough and unfinished on the edges, clinging to one another while reflecting the light that illuminates their search. 

An excerpt of the poem’s text flows down both sides of the tallit:

Pay heed, pay heed to your own soul:
Opal, amethyst and gold,
As bright as is the sun’s warm glow,
Far brighter than the morning!
I thank God who probes all hearts
When stars sing in the morning.

See the F.A.Q. page for more information about how Goren Judaica tallitot are made.

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