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Morning Blessing print

Morning Blessing print

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This design grew out of my yearning to find light and hope in wake of the events of October 7, 2023. One of the rabbis at my synagogue recounted a conversation she had with a family member of a hostage, who wanted us—everyone in the world—to not forget about joy, light, love, and gratitude even as we continue to grieve and work for peace.

Text: The first line of Birkhot Hashahar, the daily Morning Blessings prayer that’s part of the Shaharit service. 

Translation: Blessed are You, our God, sovereign of time and space, Who enables the bird to distinguish day from night.

(It probably actually refers to a rooster, but I prefer the more poetic translation. Some other translations substitute “knowledge” for “bird”.)

In this print, the sun is starting to rise—the sky is clear—and a bird in the shape of the words of that first line of the prayer soars unencumbered above the horizon of one undivided world.

This print is available in different sizes, in a white mat, and with or without an English translation. Please make your selections from the dropdown menus above to see the price for each option. 

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