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Mi Khamokha/Who Is Like You print

Mi Khamokha/Who Is Like You print

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At many different services we sing Mi Khamokha to recall the astonishing moment when God saved the Israelites from sure death by creating a passage through the sea, and to remind us to be grateful for freedom from many kinds of narrow places. I don't understand God at all, but I do believe in a force of goodness stronger than any ocean or enemy. I believe that our task is to find the core of hope and strength beneath the waves that threaten to sink us. The text excerpt in this piece starts off by telling us that Moshe and the people of Israel sang with joy as we, the world, must as well in order to keep hope alive.

Text: From the Mi Khamokha prayer and Parashat Beshalah (Song of the Sea)

When Your children beheld Your might, they sang in praise of the Creator, gladly accepting Your sovereignty. Moses and Miriam and the Israelites sang to You together in abundant joy. And all of them said: Who is like You, God, among the gods? Who is like You, majestic in holiness, Awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders? When Your children witnessed Your majesty as You split the sea before Moses, This is my Holy One! They answered and said. God will reign forever and ever! Thus it is further said, God redeemed Jacob, and rescued him from a power mightier than he.” Blessed are You, God, Redeemer of Israel.

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