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Goren Judaica

Neshamah/Mayim (Soul/Water) tallit

Neshamah/Mayim (Soul/Water) tallit

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Commentators past and present have written about water as a metaphor for Torah. Both are necessary to sustain life, growth, and our gift of existence. This tallit design was inspired by the traditional blue stripes on many tallitot. What if those stripes were flowing water,  their journey around my shoulders a reminder of the promise of Torah in each prayer that I sang? The Hebrew words “Neshamah / Mayim” intertwine on the back. 


Each tallit comes with a matching zippered tallit bag (see last photo), printed on both sides and machine-washable. (Please note that this bag is not hand-sewn, but rather manufactured from my design by a production partner.)

Material: Medium-weight cotton and satin trim. Size: 72" long x 24" wide, designed to be warn shawl-style. They're a comfortable size for men and women alike. Please see the F.A.Q. page for more information about how Goren Judaica tallitot are made, and options for customization.

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