Tallit: Neshamah / Eretz (Soul / Earth)

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While designing the Neshamah / Mayim tallit, I thought about other aspects of our natural world that can be compared to Torah. Water, like Torah, feeds and sustains life—as do trees, earth, sky. I live in a city, where it’s easy to forget this... but then I’ll go for a run in the park, and feel the strength and nourishment of rich green hills re-enter my soul. In place of traditional blue stripes that wrap and embrace, leaves and branches cascade down the sides of this tallit. The Hebrew words “Neshamah / Eretz” intertwine on the back.

Neshamah/Eretz tallit videoHere's a 1-minute video about my inspiration for designing this tallit.

Each tallit comes with a matching zippered tallit bag (see last photo), printed on both sides and machine-washable.

Material: Medium-weight cotton and satin trim. Size: 72" long x 24" wide, designed to be warn shawl-style. They're a comfortable size for men and women alike. Please see the F.A.Q. page for more information about how Goren Judaica tallitot are made, and options for customization with up to six words of Hebrew or English.

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