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Mizrah/East print

Mizrah/East print

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A mizrah, meaning "east," is a piece of artwork placed on a wall to indicate the direction those of us in the Diaspora face during prayer—east, towards Jerusalem. This design was inspired by my delight in the letter mem, which looks like it's marching with a big banner. Two traditional mizrah texts are in a circle between sky and earth to represent the ongoing flow of days and the command to praise God each morning and evening as we, like the mem, travel through life.

Texts and Translations:
Psalm 113:3: From the place the sun rises to where it sets, praised be the name of God. 
Psalm 103:12: As the east is far from the west, the Holy One has distanced from us our transgressions.  

This print is available in different sizes, in a white mat, and with or without an English translation. Please make your selections from the dropdown menus above to see the price for each option.

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