Tallit: Wing

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One of my favorite sections of the Shabbat evening liturgy is a poetic image of how God protects us:

U-v’tzeil k’nafekha tastireinu, 
ki El shomreinu u-matzileinu atah, 
ki El melekh hanun v’rahum atah, 
u-sh’mor tzeiteinu u-vo·einu l’hayim u-l’shalom, mei-atah v’ad olam. 

Shelter us in the shadow of Your wings,
for You, God, watch over and deliver us,
and You, God, are sovereign, merciful, and compassionate.
Ensure our going and coming for life and peace,
now and forever.

This tallit design includes the words of this prayer and is how I imagine God's tender wings, enfolding and embracing my shoulders to create a sacred and safe space for prayer and introspection.

Each tallit comes with a matching zippered tallit bag (see last photo), printed on both sides and machine-washable.

Material: Medium-weight cotton and satin trim. Size: 72" long x 24" wide, designed to be warn shawl-style. They're a comfortable size for men and women alike. Please see the F.A.Q. page for more information about how Goren Judaica tallitot are made, and options for customization with up to six words of Hebrew or English.

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