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Goren Judaica

Mah Nora/How Awesome tallit

Mah Nora/How Awesome tallit

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In Parashat Vayetze, Jacob spends a night on the road while on the journey to Haran. There he has an amazing dream about a ladder of sorts that reaches from heaven to earth, crowded with angels ascending and descending. “Mah nora ha makom hazeh!” he exclaims (the words on the back of this tallit)—“How awesome is this place!”—as he realizes God is in that very spot where he chose to rest. This design is how I envision those ladders: glittering, transparent staircases, a far more elegant structure for an angel to climb than wooden rungs. The staircases overlap and intertwine, since there are an infinite number of ways to get closer to God.

Each tallit comes with a matching zippered tallit bag (see last photo), printed on both sides and machine-washable. (Please note that this bag is not hand-sewn, but rather manufactured from my design by a production partner.)

Material: Medium-weight cotton and satin trim. Size: 72" long x 24" wide, designed to be warn shawl-style. They're a comfortable size for men and women alike. Please see the F.A.Q. page for more information about how Goren Judaica tallitot are made, and options for customization.

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