Challah & matzah covers

Goren Judaica challah & matzah covers are created with text from the Torah, psalms, prayers, and piyutim (liturgical poetry). They’re printed on linen or cotton, and  made "on demand" for each order. Please visit the F.A.Q page to learn more.

About challah covers
A challah cover is a decorative cloth used to cover the special braided bread set out on the table at the beginning of a Shabbat or holiday meal. They’re religiously symbolic for many reasons (more here), but most importantly they’re meant to help beautify the mitzvah (hiddur mitzvah) of celebrating a Shabbat meal with family and friends.

About matzah covers
A matzah cover is used to hold, in three separate pockets, the symbolic three matzahs used during the Passover seder. Like challah covers, they’re designed to add beauty and meaning to this ritual meal shared with family and friends.