Happy (Gregorian version) New Year!

site updates

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014. A short recap of the past couple of months: 


The Bet Am Shalom Judaica Craft Show was amazing; my thanks to everyone who helped and stopped by (and especially those who made a purchase!). The Bet Am Shalom staff and volunteers were terrific, and are responsible for my first craft fair experience being an incredibly fun and painless one. Here I am in my booth:



• If you can't figure out which print to buy ... buy a gift card instead! That option is now available under the "GIFT CARDS & OTHER MERCHANDISE" tab.


• If you haven't yet chosen your 2014 wall calendar: I'm proud to announce that my artwork (below) based on the Birkat haBayit, the Blessing for the Home, is the featured image on the 2014 B'nai Jeshurun Community Calendar.  It includes all your favorite Jewish calendar options (holidays, candle-lighting times, quotes from Jewish texts), and is available for $20 (shipping included) at http://www.bj.org/support/shop-bj/. All proceeds go to BJ.


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